On the Assumption

Recently I found a page on opusdei.org that has reflections on the Blessed Virgin Mary including an ebook on her life.  Below is a poem that they had posted relating to the Solemnity of the Assumption.

On the Assumption

Harke, she is called, the parting hour is come.
Take thy farewell poor world, heaven must go home.
A piece of heavenly earth, purer and brighter
Than the chaste stars, whose choice lamps come to light her.
While through the crystal orbs, clearer than they,
She climbs and makes a far more milky way.
She’s called again, hark how the immortal Dove
Sighs to his silver mate, Rise up, my love!
Rise up, my fair, my spotless one,
The winter’s past, the rain is gone;
The spring is come, the flowers appear;
No sweets but thou are wanting here.
Come away, my love!
Come away, my dove!
Cast off delay.

The Court of Heaven is come,
To wait upon thee home.
Come away, come away!

by Richard Crashaw (1613-1649)

Works Cited:
opusdei.org.za. “Dormition and Assumption: Magisterium, Saints, Poets.” Opus Dei – Finding God in Daily Life, 14 Aug. 2011, opusdei.org.za/en-za/article/dormition-and-assumption-magisterium-saints-poets/.

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