Lego Batman…the Anticipation is Almost Over


I have been thinking about the newly released Lego Batman since seeing the first trailer almost a year ago. Not focusing on the expense of movie tickets, but we do not go out to see all the latest and greatest, but use special occasions to take the family or a majority of the children to see a movie.

So what is the special occasion for taking the family to see Lego Batman?  That is just it…this is the Lego Batman Movie and that is enough.


I was truly surprised by the themes and success of the the first Lego Movie.  I waited to see in the comfort our own home. As I sat down to view it with some of the children, I am sure the thought of “taking one for the team” shot across my mind.  I can say that I was beyond surprised and enthralled about the theme that “Everyone is Awesome.” Maybe because I thought we were all awesome?

The character who stole the show though…was Lego Batman!

Even at the end, in his most gracious Batman way, he lost Wild Style, aka Lucy, to Emmett.

Over the last few months as further trailers and clips have been released,

A few questions have come to mind:

  • Are the Lego Movies the next Pixar studio franchise, always a hit, always with a message?
  • Is Lego Batman the franchise for the Lego Movies or can Emmett or another character(s) hold their own in Lego Movie 2 or other spin-offs?
  • What is or are the themes for Lego Batman?

This last question I foresee there may be two themes that have come across the trailers, clips and now even seeing the song titles to the movie soundtrack that was just released as well: 1. Individualism and Friendship; 2. Subtlety of Pride and Admitting mistakes (Humility)

I am still not a betting man that the movie will overtly present these themes, but I have caught glimpses.

More than anything, I am anticipating a movie that will be enjoyable and the theater as a whole will have moments of laughter.